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Capacity Building

One of Sociability’s core competencies is educating and empowering decision makers to create changes that lead to positive social and economic development both for private and public sector and in-between.

When working with responsible business, it is first and foremost a matter of looking at how the single business affects the community around it. Next, we propose solutions that contribute positively to all stakeholders involved.

Inspire decision makers

At Sociability, we use the term capacity building because we provide future leaders with the necessary knowledge, insights and skills to create changes by themselves.

As a decision maker or a change agent, it is crucial to be able to see the vision of the future in order to lead the mission and to motivate for action. Thus, we also educate individual leaders to teach others.

Good finances and social responsibility often go hand in hand

Companies that are environmentally and socially advanced also have superior financial performance. In addition, these companies attract and retain employees more easily and are less exposed to among other reputational risks. Finally, these companies demonstrate innovation and a good ability to adapt.

Capacity building for Dansk Fashion and Textile’s sister organization in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, Sociability has helped Dansk Mode & Textil (DM&T) to ensure responsible production in which neither the cotton producer nor the tailors are underpaid. Sociability trained the Step Up team and Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) to advise their member companies in productivity and CSR.

Sociability was involved in designing and implementing the Step Up project and was responsible for developing the capacity building component for DF&T and BGMEA in Bangladesh.

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