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Multi-Stakeholder Collaborations

A multi-stakeholder collaboration can change the norm in an industry.

As a company or an actor, you are often forced to run a disproportionately high risk if you try to change the norm on your own. Therefore, in a multi-stakeholder cooperation, both the public and private actors, academia and civil society come together in pre-competitive cooperation (i.e., where all parties work together to raise the lowest common denominator and improve business practices through joint efforts).

With a vision-based approach, Sociability has helped establish multi-stakeholder collaborations worldwide. When we mobilize key players, such as a trade association and its members, we make a clear roadmap for the development programme that mobilizes all actors in the sector.

JuiceCSR platform

Together with partners AIJN, IDH, Acti and UTZ, we established a consortium and launched the JuiceCSR platform with the aim of inspiring and supporting the European fruit juice industry to integrate corporate social responsibility (CSR) into its business operations and core strategy.

Coconut and Shea Nut Sectors

Similarly, we work with the coconut and shea nut sectors to make it fundamentally more sustainable in terms of its social, economic and environmental impact.

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