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Public–Private Partnerships

Only a strong commitment, linked to partnerships and cooperation at the global level, can achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). There is a need to change the way we work: All development actors need to engage and share knowledge to help countries implement the SDGs and follow up on them.

Sustainable Development Goal 17 aims to revitalize global partnerships for sustainable development, including public–private partnerships (PPP). PPP is when a public authority cooperates with private actors on a major project, for example to improve basic services such as water, transportation and renewable energy.

PPP projects where everyone wins

Cooperating with private actors can be an advantage for the public sector because it creates and maintains a favourable climate for innovation. Linking the needs and economic objectives between private and public actors is the optimal way to ensure the sustainable development.

The Asian Development Bank

Sociability has advised the Asian Development Bank in Bangladesh on the reform of secondary and higher education. We designed the PPP component, which amongst other things included using the private sector to make use of IT to offer better education in peripheral regions. For example, a collaboration with Dell provided Internet access for the local community, which increased the quality of education and allowed access to the latest knowledge and educational materials.

Further we are involved in designing how Technical Vocational Education Institutes can link up with the growing industry in Cambodia to create more decent jobs.

Capacity building for PPP

Since 2008, Sociability has advised, taught and guided more than 200 decision and policy makers in developing countries on delivering more efficient and better public service using PPP. Among our clients were the Danida Fellowship Centre and hence Danida partner organisations and the Kenya Social and Economic Council.

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